Latte art
is something that I reckon the majority of people have either never heard of or have never given a seconds thought to.  I never did until recently but now i can see the enjoyment of it.  I’m still appalling at it, but it is pretty fun to do.  Wiki How has a good “how to” on learning how to latte art though there are plenty of great guides all over the net which offer their won tips. To be honest, considering the amount of coffee the vast majority of people drink, there is plenty of opportunity to practice.

Why you ask?

Well personally I offer coffee pretty regularly when I have guests. Plus we all know that it’s nice to have something from someone which looks like a little more time and care has been spent preparing it. (I emphasise looks like).  So if you’re using it as something to make that girl you’ve brought home (whey) just that little more impressed, or maybe just making someone you’ve been with for a while feel a little more special (or even just want to have a bit of a laugh.  This kind of thing is something you can use often, takes seconds when you are good, is creative, and is pretty fun to learn.

Go on be a “cool” guy or a “sweet” girl…or you could just do it for fun, or suggest it to someone you want to do it for you below: