100% Design LondonWith 100% Design occurring from tomorrow until the end of the week at Earls Court 2 I felt that I should post something design related. Yanko Design is a fantastic source of information when it comes to design. I regularly draw inspiration from their concept postings, general news and indeed from several purchases made from their site and I feel it is a site worth sharing. Still describing their content is not going to do them or their designs justice so here I will list a few of my favorite pieces which I have come across over the years (probably with more weighting on their more recent posts).


Designed by:  Song Han Xin

eTape Render

So how many of you remember listening to cassette tapes?  Most of us probably have a few memories of them, maybe even crack them out on occasion for a bit of nostalgia (I doubt it). Fundamentally these things were a pain, remember that rewinding thing to find the song you want? Man what a pain!!!  However I certainly have fond memories of a particular Peugeot 205 which I used to enjoy listening to cassettes in on the way to school (yes that long ago). As to the music being listened to, the Beach Boys are probably the only ones I’m not too ashamed to mention.

Anyway this design other than being a truly beautiful piece of kit is also extremely well thought out.  A particular feature I think is brilliant is the slightly convex front edge which means that when you put it face down on a surface the screen is elevated to avoid damage.  I’m sure I waste a huge amount of time with my current appliances trying to avoid scratching the screen!  The case is even a cassette box, it’s brilliant!

Take a look at the full article here.

Thru Religion

Designed by: Drzach and Suchy

Now ignoring the name which I dislike for grammar, topic and indeed I don’t think it does this awesome concept any credit at all, this is a fantastic piece.  In the image to the left all you can see is what looks like a total mess (or perhaps a particularly complex air-fix model waiting to be made into something which will hopefully resemble the thing on the box cover).

However this artwork is oh so much more than that with it’s true form only shown through the use of directional light.  What the apparently messy but somehow minimalistic feeling cuboid does is depict images with its shadow when light is shone through it from certain directions.  This particular design here allows one to show several religious symbols.  I personally would prefer it if it showed several simple facial emotions but nonetheless the concept is brilliant.  To see it in action watch from about half way through the video below:

Check out the full article here.

Open Smoking Booth

Designed by: D. K. Wei

If I had to think of a design which caused me to become a regular reader of Yanko Design it would have to be this one.  It is just brilliant both in concept and design.

The concept is that people who smoke are now forced to group with other smokers or outside so that they don’t infringe on other people’s preference not to smoke and cause health hazards to their healthier friends.  I’m not going to bash smoking, I don’t smoke, I don’t like people smoking near me and see it as antisocial, but I also don’t have a problem with people smoking if they want to, it is their choice after all.  So how can one make smoking sociable and safe?  This is one such solution pressurized air currents making pockets of air at different pressures.  The result… a room which contains smoke, filters it, AND has no walls allowing for completely seamless integration with a room.  Basically by creating a pocket of lower air pressure within the bubble it causes all the smoke to stay within the “bubble”.

The designer definitely had airports in mind when he designed this and obviously had his issues with having to go to the smoking lounges.  Take a look at more of the pictures and the full article with more details as to how it works here.


Designed by: Ludwig Zeller

How often do you suppose you look at pictures on the internet?  I for one am a serious fan of sites like 4walled and previously covered wallbase.net.  Just browsing through hundreds and thousands of images for a wallpaper or source images, but also just for the sake of looking!  Ok so this is an enjoyable experience when you are at your computer and in some ways is a small way to escape just for a couple of minutes.  This design and concept takes this pastime and makes it a decoration/toy/little gizmo thing.

The design is basically an internet connected cube which shows images from certain websites on all its sides.  These images can be changed according to category or just to find more images in the same category by rotating the cube in different directions.  Put this together with a site like Flickr.com and you’re on to a little gadget that wont get old….ever!

View more images and the full article here.

Control Safety Traffic Lights

Designed by:  Roberto Vackflores for CRAB Diseño Industria

A traffic light, how can that be a cool design or concept you might say?  Well yeah sure we might all think that but perhaps thats just because traffic lights have NEVER changed!  A bit of red, a bit of yellow and a bit of green.  Traffic lights are environmentally unfriendly, and lacking extensibility and features which could improve life for the pedestrian and the driver.

Features this concept touches on include:

  • Automatic detection of emergency vehicles to regulate traffic flow to allow ambulances and the like to pass through more quickly to their destinations.
  • Lighting at ground level for pedestrians indicating the state of the traffic lights more clearly.
  • Security cameras (imagine how helpful these could be with insurance claims and accidents).
  • Speedometer.
  • Solar panel to power the unit, yay go green! (I’m a little skeptical as to whether it could really power all of its functions).

I think these are great ideas but I would like to see a few more functions such as the filling up or emptying of the light as its duration expires or perhaps automatically detecting pedestrians by bluetooth, wifi, or perhaps infrared (using the camera) at the roadside and allowing them to cross accordingly.  See the official video depicting the design below and be sure to check out the site for product renders here.

These are some of, DEFINITELY not all of, my favorite designs on Yanko Design and I strongly encourage you to go over to their site and have a look at some more beautiful creations.

Got a favorite design of your own?  Put it in the comments below!

I will be working at the 100% Design exhibition in Earls Court 2 representing the Design Guild Mark in the center near the entrance.  Please do come say hello, show me your work, pay me a compliment (or insult) ;P.  Hopefully see you there!!