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Facebook Social Inbox Service – Will it Work?

So what do I think of Facebook’s new “Social” inbox?  I’m going to avoid any privacy arguments here and focus specifically on the potential of the service they describe.

I’m going to go along with the sections they have in their release video which is included below.

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BlindType Purchased by Google – Typing on a touchscreen just got easier.

Unless you are an avid/regular blog reader it is unlikely that you have heard of BlindType…yet. So does it concern you? In all likelihood, yes, yes it does concern you but by no means in a bad way. How many people do I know who only buy Blackberry phones over iPhones or other touch screen devices because they have a “proper keyboard” or to be more precise a hardware keyboard. BlindType has taken an interesting and probably more successful approach to this problem. However before jumping straight in and showing it to you is probably best to explain a bit more about tactile feedback first. Read more

Find the Perfect New Wallpaper and Boost your Productivity

What are the advantages?

(if you don’t care or just want to know about the site skip to the next heading)

What one does at one’s own computer is completely dependent on scenario, necessity (some of us) and mood.  The first two aren’t something which you can easily change.  If you need to look up how much that item of clothing costs or if you need to send some emails before 5pm  you can’t change the fact that you are using the computer for that reason.  These factors are inevitably going to affect your mood when you approach and are using your computer so having your computer in a way which is going to help your performance is obviously advantageous.

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