LogoGrooveshark is a fantastic audio cloud solution.  A more popular example (at least in the UK) of something similar would be the service provided by Spotify.  In short Grooveshark offers a light-hearted source for all your music needs.  Just go to their website, type in what you want to listen to, select the exact song from a list and you are off.  Grooveshark has many other features including a personal library, playlists, favourites and almost everything you might expect from a desktop client.  Still, I digress, this article is not about Grooveshark as a whole (that is to come) but is about their recent resurgence onto the iPhone.

A fair time ago Grooveshark was available on the iPhone for a short period of time before Apple struck them from the app store much like they have done to many other competing applications.  Grooveshark fans who were in the proud possession of their iPhones were unable to enjoy the service without jail breaking their handsets and had to look jealously at their friends touting their android and windows mobile devices.  Thank goodness this is all over and at last Grooveshark is available for iPhones once again.

iPhone ScreensThe new Grooveshark application for iOS looks very attractive much like its android counterpart however there are a few functions that are lacking in comparison.  It allows you to search for songs, play them, favourite them, add them to playlists, supports Grooveshark’s amazing “intelligent” radio and even stores music offline.  Fantastic…yes it’s great but there are a few qualms.

As much as I am happy that Grooveshark is now available for iOS I am also disappointed with it in a few ways.  You cannot see your results in album format or artist format.  So if you search you have a list of all the similar things.  It would be much better if it was like the web application and allowed the selection of artists and then it lists all of their songs or albums.  At the moment it feels very disorganised and you cant listen to an album unless you search for the exact album name (and even then you get duplicates).

Search Results

This also makes it very difficult to choose what music one would like available offline, you have to select items one by one – total pain.  There is also the issue that Grooveshark is not one of the few apps which iOS4 allows to multitask although one might ask whether that is Apple’s or Grooveshark’s fault?

Obviously the problems I have described (other than the multitasking issue) can be bypassed by organising one’s music using the web application and then with the beauty of it all being on the same account it all stays in sync.  i.e make a playlist of an album you want to listen to later on your mobile – open your mobile app – select that playlist to be available offline.  It’s a solution but it’s not ideal, and if android mobiles can do it right, why can’t iOS?