A lot of you who are reading this may already have heard of Dropbox and possibly are already using it as an alternative to a USB stick for backing up, storing and sharing files.  Nevertheless I will quickly cover the basics of what Dropbox does, and touch on what it can really be capable of.

As you have gathered Dropbox is a way you can store, and share files.  Dropbox puts a folder on your computer which you can save files to like any other.  Once files are put in this folder these files are uploaded, synced and stored online in a mirror image of the folder on your computer.   This allows one to be able to get the files you put in that folder from anywhere which is connected to the internet.  Remember that isn’t just computers but your mobile as well!  So you can share your files with others from your computer, your mobile, or anything internet enabled.  Indeed the cartoon to the right illustrates how many people feel when it comes to Dropbox as a file sharing method. So what could you use it for?

I originally just used Dropbox so I didn’t have to carry a USB stick with me to and from University and so that I knew any work I did at University in the Library or on my computer at home, would be synced with each other AND backed up online in case my computer breaks.  A piece of mind I think many of us could do with.  Since then Dropbox has improved and allows for much more now.  For example music and pictures are now supported fantastically.  So lets say you have music on your computer which you want to be able to listen to anywhere there is internet, so once again on your phone is possible as well.  Even more…you can share it with your friends and they can access it for, yes, anywhere there is internet.  Good isn’t it?  It also works with pictures!  In fact, it works with everything, any file!  Below is the video from the Dropbox site, it does a pretty good job of putting it all in layman’s terms.

So that’s wonderful.  For a lot of you this might be more than enough, however there is still more you can do, like remote control your torrent client to download while you are away from home.  For those who are interested, you can now earn up to 8GB of online space by referrals on a free account, you start with 2GB.  It is possible to pay for larger online storage space if you so wish but I think 8GB is more than enough for what Dropbox is good for.

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See below for more pictures: