LogoSetCPU allows for Android Mobile users who have rooted their phones to change the clock speed of their CPU (their processor) thanks to the fantastic Michael Huang.  A lot of people who use gaming PC’s will want to alter their processor speed to get increased performance without having to upgrade their hardware however you can also lower your processors clock speed to save power usage.  Here is how you can use SetCPU to save your battery, by lowering your phone’s maximum clock speed.

When you use your mobile the CPU usage goes up and down according to how much work the phone is doing.  Most newer Android mobiles can run the operating system and perform normal functions well with much lower CPU usage than they often use.  So basically SetCPU lowers the max CPU usage with very little slowdown, and saves a lot of power.  Used in conjunction with other power saving techniques like turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and lowering screen brightness it’s not unreasonable to see a 25%-50% battery increase (in my experience).  Something which can be extremely helpful when a lot of top end handsets will only last a single full day on a full charge.  It’s certainly nice to have an extra half a day when you are out in the early hours or you forget your charger on a weekend.  So what is the app like?

SetCPU allows you to set profiles according to the current battery level of your phone.  For example you can make it so when your battery level gets to 75% you can make it drop your clock speed down to say 533mHz from 993mHz.  This clock speed decrease will cause some slowdown but in the vast majority of cases and for general usage it isn’t noticeable.  The change in clock speed can also be triggered by other factors such as temperature.  There are also several other options which are better explained here.  One of the most important ones which probably save the most battery with minimal effort is the “screen off” function.  It’s settings are shown with the others in this post.

One important thing to note is if you have an HTC device then you probably have HTC Sense as your home launcher.  HTC has something which stops SetCPU for altering the maximum clock speed of the device.  It is to do with something called “Perflock” which HTC devices have on them.  Luckily this doesn’t stop you using SetCPU as it has a “Perflock Disabler”.  This works on my HTC Desire and according to the documentation works on newer HTC kernels (which you likely have if you have a custom ROM).  The only risk is crashing but that hasn’t happened to me once.  To “Disable the Perflock” just press the menu key and click “Disable Perfock”.

So go ahead and get this.  Without a doubt the best way to increase your device’s battery life.  My (recommended) settings are found in the images.

Comment if you have any trouble and I’ll help you out.

Please note that in the picture all my “below battery” settings were set at priority 50. This is incorrect – you should set the highest battery line at the lowest priority. So >90% at priority 1, >80% priority 2 e.t.c. Also make sure the “screen off” profile is set to priority 100.

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